Transformation… Tuesday?

So as somewhat expected I am a little late with the allotment update, but it certainly looks a lot different to how it did last week! The rain has hindered us somewhat, but we have still managed to plough on.

On Saturday we concentrated on removing the patch of weeds on the right side of the allotment. We didn’t realise that the majority of these weeds were so deep rooted. We really didn’t want to use weed killer on our plot unless absolutely unavoidable. With two people on the job it took around three to four hours to complete. Luckily we managed to do it before the rain came… again.

On Sunday we set about turning the left side of the allotment so it can be planted. We are a little late in the season but there are still quite a few things we can grow. Potatoes, beans, tomatoes, cabbage, beetroot and kale are just a few of the things that will be planted over the coming weeks.

The plot is 35ft 6 x 34ft. The land has been divided up in what we feel is the best way for our needs. The plots will be 3ft x 12ft, separated by 2ft grass boarders. There will also be a larger plot at the back for flowers and herbs.

All measurements are in ft, sorry mainlanders. 1ft = 30.48cm. Totally logical.

Here is a more detailed plan of the allotment. It shouldn’t change too much from this; the only thing that is most likely to vary is the size of the shed and the free space around it.

The allotment has it’s own Instagram page as well! A lot of the pictures on there will not be posted to my blog for the sake of repeating myself. If you are interested please go to Ofett Geard.

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