A New Addition

We finally have our shed! It was kindly gifted to us. Now we have to decide on a colour… purple, or purple?

Unfortunately the orientation of the base slabs had to be changed due to the proportions of the shed, but this was a relatively quick job as the ground was already flat.

The base of the shed had been damaged over the years and some of the edges had rotted. We decided that it was best to treat the wood, as this hadn’t been done by the previous owner. I took some pallet wood and nailed it underneath to strengthen the rotten ends.

I was actually away visiting a friend at the weekend so I wasn’t there whilst the shed was being built. It took two days to move the panels and build the shed. The edging panels around the roof have also rotted, so those will be replaced. Apart from that the shed itself is in great condition, a good find! Hopefully we can paint the shed next week.

As frustrating as it has been, not planting up the right side was a blessing when moving the shed. We needed a place to rest the panels, which could have resulted in squashed crops if we had powered ahead! Now that the shed is up, we have been able to store our tools, move the spare pallets and just generally tidy the allotment. Fingers crossed we can finally finish the right side!

I have planted some pumpkins in the plot in front of the herb garden and hope to plant some seeds in the other plots. If all else fails we can at least get the ground ready for next year. Some more tomatoes and strawberries have been planted as well.

The first blackberries are starting to ripen! A little earlier than I expected but I hope for a long crop of them. I have also discovered that we have a little gooseberry bush! It has been hiding under the elder tree. There are just two lonely berries on it and unfortunately the base of the bush is behind the fence so it cannot be moved. There is a lot of new growth on it so hopefully I can take some cuttings from it.

We have kept the back of the left side somewhat wild looking. The plot in front will be a wild flower garden so they will work perfectly together. The elder and the brambles are somewhat intertwined with one another but I don’t mind that. The ivy does need to be removed but that has also become intertwined with the elder due to lack of care from previous tenants, so that may be a little more difficult to remove but I am always up for a challenge!

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