All in a days work

Today was our first day on the allotment. We were quite lucky in that we didn’t need to be put on a waiting list, we only signed up yesterday!

The site hadn’t been used in a few years.

We decided that the best way to clear the allotment was in columns, starting from left to right. I concentrated on removing the smaller weeds and stones as well as turning the soil. Thomas dug up the larger rooted plants throughout the left side.

We are planning to plant root vegetables in the darker turned soil.

There is still quite a lot to do but I feel we managed to clear a lot in just four hours. We are still working out on a plan of what and where we want to plant things, but one step at a time.

Meet our new friend, Boris

I will probably post an update on here every Sunday with our progress on the allotment. Lets hope the weather is good for us!

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