Beans Galore!

Apologies for my lack of updates, life has ultimately got in the way. The past two weeks have been pretty quiet at the allotment. Our summer crops are coming to an end. Our beans have done so well so such a small amount of space. We must have had 500+ beans! They are still growing, but the crop yield is now slowing down.

The pumpkins are growing well, but the leaves are covered in mildew. I have removed the worst affected leaves which in turn has given the plants more space to breathe. The mildew shouldn’t affect the crop. I did use a spray mix of milk and water (40/60 mix) as I had read this can stop the spread of mildew, but I found this to be ineffective.

Our tool wall has been organised and updated with some hand tools. We had a sort out of the shed, as it had become somewhat chaotic inside. Much better!

Sorry for the smaller update this week, I’ll have more to report next time. Until then!

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