Move & Tidy

The tomatoes are dying back. I had left them in hope that they may recover, but it was not to be. I removed the smaller green undamaged tomatoes before I started to cut them back.

We decided to completely move the herb garden. The pumpkins were blocking the light for the first row of herbs, thus slowly killing them. The herbs have been moved to the front of the allotment and have been planted up in an old tire Thomas found at the side of the road.

The shed is finally finished. The front panels have been painted and replaced and the window box has been erected. Thomas made this from scratch with some old pallet wood. He chose the most sturdy looking pallet and broke it apart. I picked up a big tub of grey paint from a car boot sale the other week for just £5, absolute bargain! I wanted the details of the shed to really pop out and I thought if it was all painted purple, it would be too much.

The pallet bin is now complete and has been moved into position. If you remember my earlier posts, the pallet bin was originally going to be at the front, but we have now moved it to be beside the shed. Thomas has done a great job on both the window box and the pallet bin. The front part will be for compost and the back will be for other items we find on the allotment; stones, glass, sticks and such forth.

We have been trying to tidy the ground behind the shed and fence. Unfortunately there is no break in the fence, so we can never get behind the fence to fully clear it. There are a lot of nettles and ivy behind the fence, I have pulled up what I can but these weeds will be a recurring problem.

I purchased a little ladybird house. It had been reduced and I thought it was an interesting item, we talk about bees a lot but the ladybirds are just as important! I painted it grey to match the rest of the details.

The courgettes are still plentiful and we have harvested our first potatoes! I can confirm they are delicious. Homegrown is best!

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