Slow & Steady Wins The Race

The rain has finally fallen. The ground has been terribly dry over the past month; although it has been recorded as the warmest April on record. This has made preparing the ground for planting a nightmare, as I have mentioned previously. Surprisingly, we have not needed to buy a clay breaker for the soil.

With Spring now in full swing, its wonderful to see everything burst into life once more. The greenhouse is full of vegetables that will be ready to plant out in the coming weeks. Frustratingly, a little mouse decided to devour all of my squash and pumpkin seeds. I only realised this after waiting two weeks for the seeds to germinate, but not to worry; I planted some more last week.

There are also two new additions to the planter area. A smaller tyre and a raised bed made of pallet wood. We have planted several crowns of rhubarb in the raised bed in hopes that it will fare better in there rather than in the ground. As previously mentioned, it had been attacked by a pest last year after moving it. The clay soil probably doesn’t help either, so fingers crossed for a crop next year. We have planted a few cloves of garlic into the smaller tyre, but as it has not been through a frost I’m not so sure how well it will preform. There are also plans to grow either a gherkin or a cucumber up the smaller tepee.

The bean plot is now ready and raring to go, although I definitely have more beans growing than I have sticks to grow them up and there are still more that I need to plant! Digging was a breeze due to the moisture the soil had retained from the rainfall.

Just behind the herb tyre I have planted a variety of colours of Gladioli. I thought by planting them in a line behind the planter area rather than scattered throughout the border area, it would create a more defined, uniform break in the planting areas. Unfortunately for one little bulb, I had forgotten that I had planted them and my fork when straight through it.

There are still so many seeds I need so sow and there just aren’t enough hours in the day or enough space in my greenhouse. Perhaps we need another plot…

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