Pallet Wood Bug Hotels

It dawned on me that I forgot to post about the little bug hotels we made over summer, so here is a little flashback to August in these colder times.

Thomas cut and measured up a few planks of pallet wood that we had at the allotment and made the bases, whilst I walked around the park with his nieces [and their mother]; we foraged for twigs, leaves and any other sort of foliage that may come in handy.

They were learning about bugs at school and so we thought this would be a great way to help them learn about their habitats. We assisted them when they needed to use anything sharp, but we let them get on and discover what foliage would be good for what section of the bug hotels and discussed what bugs may pay them a visit.

Decent bug hotels start from around £20, but it is much better to sit and make your own from what you can find in nature.

Wire was placed over the bottom parts, although it may have been a good idea to put it over all of the parts to stop any of the looser items falling out.

There are examples of bug hotels that are made of several pallets stacked on top of one another; with bricks, stones, twigs and such-forth inside. We don’t have the space for something so large unfortunately, but thinking back to making these is making me want to get down to the allotment and crack on with making one! The allotment is quite dormant now, so this would be a great project for us to do in the mean time.

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